Welcome to AngelJay – 2 decades later!

Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine we could one day be here, on the brink of twenty years in business. Not when as a little girl I dreamed of having my own graphic design studio when I grew up, or during my three years of studying and four years of working in the industry there after, or even when I started AngelJay, in 2001.
But here we are. And we are so grateful to be able to share this milestone with you, our clients!

You have lived through a wide spectrum of experiences with us. Over the past twenty years Angeljay has tasted the thrill of brand-births with new clients, relished the treasure of ever deepening client relationships, embraced the daily sweat of meeting deadlines, and loved our experience of lecturing in Botswana. By grace, we have also weathered many storms, and seen brighter days, after.

The same way, grace has brought us through 2020’s global pandemic and the devastating effect the COVID-19 lockdown had on the economy. Because of it, we are stronger, and face our future with hope. And so, we have exciting news to share - AngelJay has evolved!

Our creative agency now focuses on web-design and hosting, with my developer husband, Calvin, at the steer. I continue to do specialist logo and business stationery design, and printing. We can now meet more of our clients’ marketing needs under one roof! To celebrate, AngelJay has received a fresh new look, which you can see here on our new web site, and on our social media platforms.

Further, we have chosen a few ways we can add value:

1) Support for entrepreneurs
We hope to see an explosion of creativity and entrepreneurship as a result of the sharp decline of the economy, and the many job losses due to COVID-19. To show our support for entrepreneurs, we have put together our business start-up package, which at an affordable price, will equip new business owners with the essential items they need to promote their business.

2) Tutorials and informative blog articles
We plan to post free tutorials (mostly about web-design coding) on our website, Youtube channel and Facebook page. On our blog we plan to post mostly informative articles about graphic design elements and basic English grammar.

The dream lives on, DV
We have already embarked on the next leg of AngelJay’s journey. What exactly it will be like, I cannot anticipate. We can continue to dream, and daily take steps in the direction of those dreams. I do know that grace will be with us, all the way.
And we look forward to be part of your business’ story. Will you walk with us into the next decade, perhaps even beyond?