Business Cards

At a business meeting with a prospective client - After a brief introduction, smooth sales pitch, and presentation of my portfolio, the CEO asks, “Do you have a card for me?” Couldn’t she just get all my details from our website? Everything is digital these days! I dare not speak my mind. I uhm-and-aah, with averted eyes. “Sorry, uh, I don’t have a card on me now,” I mumble with slumped shoulders. I understand her penetrating gaze; evaporating interest and mistrust is written on her face. “Thank you for your time. I’ll keep you in mind for future projects,” she abruptly ends our meeting. I leave, deflated and defeated.

Don't end up in the same predicament I was in. Be ready for every business opportunity!

Today, with the emphasis  on a ‘paperless’ lifestyle and the virtue of digital communication, we often overlook the importance of trusted old ink-on-paper. Ask us, today, to design and print professional business stationery for your company.

Print @ R400*

Print 500 cards, full colour both sides, on 350gms matt board
Gloss UV Varnish on front enhances colour; protects against dirt and crumpling
Matt back allows for writing (eg. appointment cards/quick quotes)
• Quality board, ink, and varnish finish, ensure a longer lifespan
• Give us 7-12 working days to print (After print ready artwork supplied/ approval of artwork. DV)
* Excludes: design, delivery

Design @ R365*

3 drafts to choose from, and max 3 changes to original chosen draft
• Give us 5-10 working days to send first drafts to you (after placement of order, DV)
* Excludes: logo design, redraw of logos or pics, purchase of stock images or specific fonts, delivery